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PART TWO “God did not take our son; He received our son. A piece of equipment took our son.”                                                                     ... Read More



We’re coming up on one of the most fun but also most dangerous weekends of the year. It’s the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, if you prefer. I have heard time and time again stories of people losing fingers or ears or eyes or suffering serious burns all from misuse of fireworks. I know... Read More


So, what is Rodeo of the Ozarks?

In 1944, as a way to provide an entertaining distraction to the pressures of World War II, Thurman “Shorty” Parsons organized a rodeo during the Independence Day holiday.  The participants were all local amateurs and the prize was simply bragging rights. Today, 71 years later, the Rodeo of the Ozarks has... Read More


71st Annual Rodeo of the Ozarks: One to Remember

Beginning July 1, Emma Street in downtown Springdale will resemble a scene out of the Old West as cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country converge on northwest Arkansas for the 71st annual Rodeo of the Ozarks. The rodeo has been an Independence Day holiday tradition in northwest Arkansas since its founding in 1944. Sach... Read More


But I Bought A Ticket!!

Last night, the NBA Finals came to a close with the Golden State Warriors bringing home the title. While I was watching the coverage, they kept showing shots of the crowd (many times looking rather downtrodden due to the fact the game was in Cleveland) and I got to thinking about the rights that a ticket holder has. Many... Read More


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