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Jogger Killed By A Jeep

In an unfortunate reminder about what can happen on the road ways, a driver accidently hit and killed a jogger. The jogger, identified as Deborah Hilbrand, was killed on July 15, 2014 during the morning commute. Hilbrand was struck by a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Jason Purvis. Authorities suspect that Purvis was driving... Read More


Don Tyson Interchange Project Complete

A ribbon-cutting ceremony yesterday marked the opening of a new interchange in Springdale, and the end of the traffic-causing Don Tyson Interchange Project.  Drivers now have another avenue to access Arvest Ballpark and the surrounding area, and Sunset Avenue is likely to see some congestion relief. NWAOnline reports... Read More


Truck Wrecks are Not Car Wrecks

You are required by law to wear your seatbelt. You are required by law to drive the speed limit and adhere to road signs and signals. You are required by law to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol when operating a vehicle. These are the basic expectations of you when you get into your car. But you, hopping in your... Read More


Loopholes in Trucking

There has been a lot of buzz lately about regulations in the trucking industry. After several high profile truck wrecks this past year, there has been a spotlight on talks in Congress about different regulations in the trucking industry. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, known as the FMCSA, is responsible for... Read More


Chiropractor Who Commits Fraud Is Sentenced To Prison

In a tale that will only increase the level of contempt with which chiropractors are treated, a Maryland-based chiropractor was sentenced to five months in prison for fraud. Lawrence S. Herman, the owner of Herman Chiropractic, falsified documents and submitted insurance claims for injuries he did not sustain. In an interesting... Read More


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