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Attorneys Praise Brill Appointment to Arkansas Supreme Court

By: Tyler Hawkins Earlier this month, Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court James Hannah announced that he would be retiring before his term ends at the end of 2016. Justice Hannah indicated that personal health issues drove his decision to step away from his office—he has been a bright and fair-minded jurist... Read More


Let Me Tell You A Story

By Geoff Hamby             One of the first things that I learned working for Bailey & Oliver was the importance of being a good storyteller. Having this tool can benefit not only attorneys, but also anyone who has to communicate for a living.            ... Read More



(2nd Ed.)  by David Ball Book report by Geoff Hamby I. The Book                a. The Basics                Damages by David Ball begins with the “ten basics”... Read More


Book Report on Show the Story

What a feat reading this book was! It’s practically a text book for anyone who wants to know. Beware; this will be a long memo. Why Visuals? Visuals show things that language cannot Visuals increase people’s attention and comprehension Visuals create a dramatic affect that words just cannot produce Put... Read More


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

By Sal From the time I was a little girl--3 years old, my parents called me their little tornado. I was scattered, loud, always forgetting something, or losing something, running late, etc. They used to say, “we always know where Katie has been because she leaves a trail of little messes behind her.” Seriously.... Read More


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