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The Importance of Autopsies in Medical Negligence Cases

It is never easy to suffer the loss of a loved one.  If medical negligence is suspected, important decisions must be made that often have long-term effects. One such decision to be made is whether or not to have an autopsy performed. However, the correct decision is easy to make: Yes.  If there is a question in... Read More


Transportation Trends Continue to Evolve in Benton County

Benton County, Arkansas seems to be experiencing rapid growth in the transportation industry in recent months. Plans are currently underway for the NWA Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan while talks of a commuter light rail in Northwest Arkansas have begun. Among other projects, these hint at a growing attempt to... Read More


The NCAA Offers Preliminary Settlement In Concussion Cases

A resident of Fayetteville and a former soccer player at the University of Arkansas is one of the leading plaintiffs in a historic case against the NCAA. Angela Palacois is a key member of the class of NCAA athletes who are attempting to hold the NCAA accountable and transform its concussion policies. On July 29, 2014,... Read More


Unexplained Fort Smith Fires In Arkansas

The recent rash of fires seen in Arkansas in cities such as Fort Smith is doubly concerning because in addition to the property damage, the cause of all three fires is still uncertain. Abandoned buildings and famous restaurants have both experienced multiple damaging fires within the last week. For instance, on July 23rd,... Read More


Jogger Killed By A Jeep

In an unfortunate reminder about what can happen on the road ways, a driver accidently hit and killed a jogger. The jogger, identified as Deborah Hilbrand, was killed on July 15, 2014 during the morning commute. Hilbrand was struck by a Jeep Grand Cherokee driven by Jason Purvis. Authorities suspect that Purvis was driving... Read More


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