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Lawsuit Alleges Honda Hid Defects in Takata Airbags from Consumers

The family of Hien Tran filed a lawsuit Monday against Takata Corporation and Honda Motor Company, alleging that Honda told dealers not to recall defective Takata airbags just one week before the Florida woman was killed when her airbag exploded. Ms. Tran died from “stab-type wounds” on her face, neck, and torso... Read More


Beneficiaries and Damages in Arkansas Wrongful Death Lawsuits

You may be familiar with the term “wrongful death” but be unsure whether it applies to your circumstance. If you lost a loved one and you suspect the negligence or carelessness of another person or entity was at least partly to blame, you could have a wrongful death case in Arkansas. The specific events that... Read More


Fifth Death Linked to Takata Airbags As Company Faces Criminal Investigation

On Nov. 13, Honda announced that they had linked a fifth death to one of their vehicles that contained a Takata airbag. Honda revealed that a July 2014 crash in Malaysia led to the death of a driver after the airbag in her Honda City model ruptured and propelled metal shrapnel into the vehicle. It is the first death reported... Read More


Former Takata Employees Allege Secret Testing Conducted on Airbags in 2004

Details have been exposed as to what Takata Corporation knew about its faulty airbags in 2004—four years before it disclosed safety concerns to federal regulators. Two former employees of the Japanese auto parts manufacturer, one a former engineer who worked in its testing laboratory, claim that Takata conducted secret... Read More


Loose Horses on I-49 Cause Chain Reaction of Accidents in Bentonville

Police officers from Bentonville and Bella Vista responded to four accidents on I-49 yesterday alongside state troopers; the collisions were due to a group of horses that had gotten free along the interstate, causing a chain reaction of accidents among motorists in the area. Arkansas State Police say that at least one... Read More


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