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The Avoidable Tragedy

The child killed by a distracted driver; the teen who took their own life due to bullying; or a family whose home was lost to a fire because of improper electrical wiring are all examples of avoidable tragedies. In life, the saddest event is rarely the unstoppable tragedy but the avoidable one. The tornado that destroys a house... Read More


Charleston Shootings—In Wake of Tragedy, FBI Assesses Mistakes it Made in Arming Shooter

Three weeks ago, tragedy struck Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. The lives of nine good people were stolen from their friends, families and communities far too soon. One other person was shot and injured in the ordeal. A nation in disbelief has been captivated by their story, wondering... Read More



By: Jarid Kinder With the Congressional budget debate in full force, few have been made aware of the proposed changes in Federal tractor-trailer regulation. Sneaking along as a rider on a transportation appropriations bill are two new laws that pose severe risks to public safety. First, members of Congress have proposed... Read More


Simple Steps to Conduct Your Own Focus Groups - Part 2

By Sach Oliver, Esquire Simple Step No. 3: Prepare Your Documents and Forms Forms are a series of open-ended questions that are given to focus group at a specific time during the session.[1] Forms can change from focus group to focus group and can be altered in content to fit each case. We recommend the following forms: Confidentiality... Read More


Simple Steps to Conduct Your Own Focus Groups - Part 1

Originally published in ATLA Docket, Summer 2009 By Sach Oliver, Esquire Focus groups are fun, invaluable, and not too expensive. As a trial attorney, the ability to interact with jurors during and after the case is a unique experience not afforded to us within the confines of our judicial system. In trial, when you... Read More


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