To Love One Another

By: Rex A. Dickey, Chaplain

Do you know how you can read something over and over again, thinking you know it by heart, only to discover a new meaning--one that is so obvious yet provocative at the same time?

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By: Frank H. Bailey

There were many heroes on June 6, 1944. One of the heroes that day was Chesterfield Smith.

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The Power of Empathy

By: Liz Lottmann

"Sympathy mires me in self-doubt and caution; empathy gears me up for action" - Liz Lottmann

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Food Poisoning

By: Sandy Henage

Food poisoning has been in the national news quite frequently lately associated with a national restaurant chain, cantaloupes and bagged lettuce. The question is how do we distinguish food poisoning from a stomach bug? Food poisoning is caused by eating food contaminated with viruses, parasites or bacteria. The contamination can occur anywhere along the food chain from harvest to preparation and storage.

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