Speaking of Suffering

By: Rex Dickey, Chaplain

"Today, the community of Orlando needs our love and support without turning their tragic situation into a point of debate about God's nature. Our prayers are with them today and all who are suffering with them. If I didn't learn anything else at all in seminary, I did learn one thing: when people are suffering it is not the time to carry on a theological conversation with them about suffering. It is important to be there for them in that very moment in whatever way we can." --Rex Dickey, Chaplain

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ATLA Live Auction

By: Geoff Hamby

"Recently, I had the pleasure of co-hosting my first live auction. This auction was for the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association at the annual meeting. It was quite an adventure!" --Geoff Hamby

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By: Sandy Henage

"I participate in a couple of annual events in Northwest Arkansas and I am appreciative that Bailey & Oliver Law Firm encourages our community involvement. These events are extremely personal for me." - Sandy Henage

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Welcome 2016 Law Clerks

By: Kim Daniels

"Our goal is to provide law students with valuable professional experience prior to completing law school." - Ryan Scott

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Remote Depositions

By: Geoff Hamby, Attorney

"Often we get asked about how to use normal deposition tools and tactics through these electronic mediums. How do we use documents with the witness? How do we read body language? How do we make sure the other attorney isn’t improperly communicating with the witness? These answers are all much simpler than they appear". - Geoff Hamby

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