Stop and Feel the Cool Breeze

By: Rex Dickey, Chaplain

"What do you do to “rest?” What do you do to truly get away from all-consuming work? What do you do to make yourself better as you go to work on Monday, hopefully after a weekend off?" -- Rex Dickey

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A Team Approach - Ryan Scott

By: Kim Daniels, Community Relations Director

We have a great team at Bailey & Oliver Law Firm and we would like for you to know us a little better. Each week you will have an opportunity to learn more about one of our attorneys or other team members.

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Book Report - The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

By: Deborah Moore

"Kathryn Petersen is CEO of a top company aptly named DecisionTech. She aspires to turn the members of her CEO board into a fully functional team, despite various problems each one of them has. She does this by pointing out the five dysfunctions of every dysfunctional team." -- Deborah Moore

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The Brake-down: Tractor-Trailer Brake Safety

By: Ryan

As early as the late 1800s, people were toying with brake designs. The drum brake came to be by Louis Renault’s hand in 1902, while the disc brake was a product of Frederick Lanchester in the same year (both are still used today). However, like most good things in the automotive industry, the brake was revolutionized by racing heritage.

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Why 18-wheeler Wrecks Happen

By: Ryan Scott, Attorney

It is important to investigate a tractor-trailer wreck as soon as possible. The sooner experts can examine the scene of the wreck and the vehicles involved, the better the chance of finding evidence that will lead to the root cause of the wreck.

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