4th Annual Closing Argument Competition

Bailey & Oliver Law Firm Hosted our 4th Annual Bailey & Oliver Law Firm Closing Argument Competition on September 29, 2012, for the University of Arkansas law students. This competition was held in the Bailey & Oliver Court Room inside our new location in Rogers. The goal of the competition is to encourage advocacy and reward the law students for advancing their advocacy skills. The top 32 students of the intraschool competition were able to compete. Each student was given 9 minutes to present their Closing Argument in front of 8 judges including Judge Joanna Taylor, Judge Jon Comstock, Judge John Scott, George Wise, Leon Jones, Sean Keith, Frank Bailey, and Julia Woods. Participants in the 4th Annual Closing Argument CompetitionAfter each student gave their argument awards were announced. First place, Whitney Matney from Springdale, Arkansas, received $1,500 and a tie for second left Timothy Alexander and Robert Goins with $375 a piece. Whitney, second year law school student said, ‘I love advocating for clients and I love to get justice for others.”