ATLA Live Auction

As a firm, we are all big believers in giving back and helping out in any way that we can. One of the common ways that we regularly do this is through the Bailey & Oliver Auction Team. Recently, I had the pleasure of co-hosting my first live auction. This auction was for the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association at the annual meeting. It was quite an adventure!

            First of all, I only found out I was doing this auction the night before when Sach got called away to an out-of-town meeting, so I didn’t have much time to prepare. What time I did have, I tried to use as wisely as I could. I woke up early the morning of the auction and got on YouTube to watch videos about how to do an “auction chant” because I thought I’d go all out if I was going to do it. It turned out that a couple hours of watching videos wasn’t enough for me to figure out how to chant confidently. I was very nervous as the lunch awards ceremony rolled around, but I got a chance to chat with our awesome public relations director, Kim Daniels, who has a ton of auctioneering experience.

            Kim helped walked me through how it all works. Then, she volunteered her husband Dale to co-host it with me and be the guy who actually calls off the dollar amounts. It was a huge relief. When Dale showed up, he happily agreed. One of our paralegals, Liz, helped out by being a bid spotter, and we had a wonderfully successful event. We raised $2,500 to help ensure the people of Arkansas have access to the court system, and everyone there seemed to have a great time. I love all the opportunities to be out in the public that this job provides, and my first live auction will definitely be a memory I’ll hold onto for a long, long time.

Dale, Geoff and LizDale Daniels (L), Geoff Hamby (C) and Liz Lottmann, (R), work to drive the bids higher during the ATLA live auction event.