BOOK RELEASE TODAY: T-Bone Collisions in Arkansas by Frank H. Bailey, Esq.

FRANK BAILEY, T BONE COLLISIONS BOOK WITH PHOTOBailey & Oliver Law Firm Founding Attorney Frank H. Bailey has released his second book “T-Bone Collisions in Arkansas: Make Sure You Don’t Pay the Price for Someone Else’s Negligence”. Mr. Bailey has helped hundreds of individuals at critical times in their lives.  In this book, he provides details of clients who have been injured in T-bone collisions, sharing the client’s challenges and common concerns. 

No one expects to be in a collision of any kind, but if you are a T-bone collision, this book will provide valuable information.  “T-Bone Collisions in Arkansas” is summarized in three parts. 

  1. What you should do if you have been injured in a T-bone collision;
  2. How the lawyers at Bailey & Oliver would handle your case; 
  3. How Bailey & Oliver is very different from other firms.

Practicing law and helping clients for over 45 years, Frank Bailey has been there for his clients in need and will share with you in this book what he has learned.  Valuable, collective experience, you can utilize if you are involved in a T-bone collision. 

Download a copy of “T-Bone Collisions in Arkansas” through this website or call to receive a free copy; (479) 202-5200.


Frank Bailey’s first book, “Rear-End Collisions in Arkansas; Protecting Your Rights”, published in 2018, is also available through download or by calling: (479) 202-5200.