Daily Arkansas Auto Accidents

Every day we read the paper and everyday it seems there are more and more car wrecks. In our fast-paced society people are driving faster and faster. In our technologically advancing world, more and more people are texting and talking on their cell phones while driving. In this economy, more and more people are probably worried about money and bills more about driving. Who knows what is on the minds of drivers! What is clear, negligent and reckless
driving severely injures and kills folks on our highways every day.

When you read the paper and see these wrecks, the first thought that should run through you mind is not who will be lawyer if I get hit. The first thought should be: Do I have enough auto insurance and do I have the right types of coverage? Auto insurance is essential for the victim and the wrongdoer. Let me repeat that: auto insurance is essential for the victim and the wrongdoer in an auto accident. People’s first thought is the wrongdoer should have insurance. Yes, they should. But the victim also needs insurance.

The victim should have what is called “PIP” coverage or also known as medical payment coverage plan. This type of coverage pays your medical bills in a wreck at a minimum of $5,000 and you can buy up to $100,000 in coverage. PIP is automatic payment. You don’t have to win your lawsuit or settlement for it to kick in a pay. Ask your insurance agent about PIP today and raise your coverage.

The victim should have uninsured and underinsured coverage. Uninsured coverage applies when the person who hit you does not have insurance at all. You will need this uninsured coverage to pay for all of your harms and losses. Underinsured coverage applies when the person who hit does not have enough insurance to cover all of your harms and losses. Ask your insurance agent about under and uninsured coverage and raise your coverage.

The wrongdoer should enough insurance to cover the harm they can cause to some else. For example, the bigger the vehicle the more coverage you should have…or the more you drive, the more likely it is for you cause a wreck…or do you drive at night a bunch. The list goes on and on. Another way to judge how much insurance you should have is by your assets. The more assets you have the more insurance you need to protect your assets.

Hopefully, none of this applies to you because you do not ever get into wrecks. But if you are unfortunate and become involved in a wreck, please feel free to contact us with questions.