Loose Horses on I-49 Cause Chain Reaction of Accidents in Bentonville

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Police officers from Bentonville and Bella Vista responded to four accidents on I-49 yesterday alongside state troopers; the collisions were due to a group of horses that had gotten free along the interstate, causing a chain reaction of accidents among motorists in the area.

Arkansas State Police say that at least one vehicle crashed as a direct result of the horses running wild; three other collisions happened as a result of the slowed traffic the first accident caused.

Authorities say that Bentonville and Bella Vista officials responded in time to witness a person attempting to corral about five or six horses, but the animals could not be contained. They ran away, up over a nearby hill, but the first accident had already occurred.

Troopers and local police say that one of the chain-reaction crashes involved a multiple-vehicle crash that sent two people to Mercy Hospital in Rogers for treatment.

According to authorities, a Honda Pilot, driven by a 17-year-old male, struck another car in the rear near Exit 93 on I-49, beginning a domino effect that ended in the three-car pileup. The 17-year-old driver was issued a citation for careless prohibited driving.

No further information was available as to the status of those transported to Mercy Hospital. Bailey & Oliver will report on any additional information as it becomes available.