VOTE NO to Arkansas Issue 1 in November

We must protect citizen-juries and their power to make decisions. People on juries – Arkansas citizens – should decide the outcomes of court cases, not arbitrary guidelines.

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Book Report - 8 Touch Talks by Jim Laudell

By: Jeannette M. Nieves, Legal Assistant/General Practice Division

"Touch Talks is about learning to communicate with your spouse in a way that will improve, adjust, mend or even fix your marriage. " --Jeannette Nieves

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Fight Continued Nursing Home Abuse - Issue 1/SJR8

Nursing home - scabies scandal: "One of the most damning aspects of the story for me was the nurse who explained to regulators that higher-ups told the staff to keep quiet about the infestation.” -Mike Masterson, Arkansas Democrat Gazette. This wasn’t the first time. If Issue 1/SJR8 passes, it won’t be the last.

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