Opioids Kill

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founder/Senior Partner

Opioid addiction is a national crisis. Since 1999, more than 183,000 people have died from prescription opioid overdoses.

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Book Report - Part 2 Tire Litigation: a primer by Benjamin Baker

By: Ryan Scott, Trial Attorney/Chief Litigation Officer/Catastrophic Injury Division

This is the second and final blog in a 2-part series discussing Benjamin Baker’s Tire Litigation: a primer. The blog will examine the remaining two chapters, which list the common issues giving rise to litigation and the typical defenses used by manufacturers when responding to claims of defective tires.

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Can I sue someone?

By: Sach Oliver, Trial Attorney/Managing Partner

Have you ever considered legal remedies for the problems life throws at you? If you have, then you need to understand what “standing” means under the law.

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