What You Need to Know About Personal Injury Lawsuits

By: Sach Oliver, Trial Attorney/Managing Partner

This is a repost from November 22, 2016 and is a great reminder that consulting with an attorney as soon as possible following a wreck is important because many types of personal injury lawsuits have a short window after the incident in which a lawsuit can be filed.

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We Are Honored to Help Families in Need

By: Kim Daniels, Community Relations Director

We think being a good law firm is about winning cases and seeking justice for our clients. We also think it's about helping our clients through difficult times.

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Cheryl Dobbs's Journey: Part Two

Mark Dobbs was a renaissance man. Whatever he did, he became fully committed to it, which includes a 28-year stint in the Navy; writing two books; building his own home; fishing; and, as a Rotarian. “My dad was really talented ...

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Cheryl Dobbs's Journey: Part One

The last message Mark Dobbs received on his cell phone on June 16, 2013 was a missed call from his daughter, Kristi Christensen. She had called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. When he didn’t answer, she left a ...

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