Visual Aids & Focus Groups

At Bailey & Oliver Law Firm we have a very visual approach to telling our clients’ stories. When you are a member of the jury for one of our cases, we want you to be extremely familiar with the details ...

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VOTE NO to Arkansas Issue 1 in November

We must protect citizen-juries and their power to make decisions. People on juries – Arkansas citizens – should decide the outcomes of court cases, not arbitrary guidelines.

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Creatively Simple Visual Aids

By: Geoff Hamby, Trial Attorney/Catastrophic Injury Division

A 2015 study found that the average attention span for an adult is just over 8 seconds. That is actually shorter than the attention span for a goldfish.

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What is Venue

By: Frank H. Bailey, Founder/Senior Partner

Often lawyers talk about the venue for a case. What is Venue? Attorney Frank Bailey explains.

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