The Bailey & Oliver Auction Team has helped raise more than $2,370,621.00 for non-profit organizations in Northwest Arkansas

Bailey & Oliver Auction Team


The Bailey & Oliver Auction Team has helped raise over $2.3 million for nonprofit organizations in Northwest Arkansas.  Led by auctioneer and Bailey & Oliver partner Sach Oliver, the team offers its talents and services free of charge to make a difference in the region.

Bailey & Oliver's Kids Foundation

Hoofin it 3Bailey & Oliver Law Firm understands that children are the most vulnerable members of our society.  Bailey & Oliver's Kids Foundation is a nonprofit organization established to provide resources to help children in need.

One of the key components of Bailey & Oliver's Kids Foundation is to support hOofin' iT, Occupational Therapy Services.   Click on the hOofin' iT tab to learn more.

hOofin' iT

hOofin’ iT, Occupational Therapy Services, provides specialized occupational and/or physical therapy for children with diverse needs. By using horses and outdoor activities, students are motivated to reach therapy goals in a fun and natural environment. (hOofin' iT is supported by the Bailey & Oliver's Kids Foundation.)


Bonanza 2016

What is BONANZA? 

Bonanza is a community fellowship and fundraising event for adults sponsored by Bailey & Oliver’s Kids Foundation. This cowboy-themed event takes place the second Friday in May at Oliver Ranch in Highfill, Arkansas. Guests enjoy great food, games, music, dancing, and a silent auction.  (Over 600 people attended Bonanza 2016!)

There is no charge to attend Bonanza. Money raised by the event for the Kids Foundation comes through sponsorships, donations, the silent auction, and other activities during Bonanza. 





Bailey & Oliver High School Speech Competition

Each spring, Bailey & Oliver sponsors and hosts a speech competition for high school students in the region.  The law firm selects the topic, and students prepare a supportive or opposition speech.  A panel of judges selected from the community grade each speech based on content, thought leadership and presentation.H.S. Speech Comp. 2016

Bailey & Oliver Closing Argument Competition

CAC Judges and Students 2015

During the fall, Bailey & Oliver is sponsor and host to an annual Closing Argument Competition.  Students from the University of Arkansas School of Law compete for cash prizes awarded to first-, second-, and third-place winners.

Using their closing argument from the U of A School of Law intra-school competition, competitors choose to argue for the defense or the plaintiff.