Jeannette M. Nieves Legal Assistant (General Practice Division)

Jeannette M. Nieves

Jeannette Nieves was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico. Jeannette relocated from Puerto Rico to Harrisonburg, Virginia with her 3 children Uziel, Marcos Jr. and Suzzette where they lived for 13 years.  While living in Harrisonburg, Jeannette worked for 6 years as an advocate for homeless families with children

In 2013, Jeannette moved to Tennessee where Jeannette worked helping people with learning and other disabilities who were seeking employment. Jeannette relocated to Rogers, Arkansas in 2015.

From Jeannette: “I served as a member of the Salvation Army in Virginia and an as an advocate for individuals with learning disabilities while living in Tennessee. I enjoy volunteering in the Hispanic community and have used vacation time to serve as a volunteer in translating to Spanish speaking parents during school parent/teacher’s conferences and as a translator for a domestic violence shelter.  I have dedicated my professional career to help others and  I’m glad to be part of a team that also dedicates their knowledge and skills in genuinely helping others in the community.”