Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Effects on Health and Property

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking”, is a method of oil and natural gas extraction that the industry uses often in Arkansas and surrounding states. Fracking uses a high-pressure stream of water and chemicals to break up shale rock thousands of feet under the ground. The natural gas stored in the rock is released, and then sent through underground gas lines to containment wells. The fracking fluid is pumped back up to the surface, where it can leak chemicals into the groundwater and the air.

The public is becoming aware of the inherent dangers in the practice of fracking. The industry uses its mighty resources to deny any responsibility for the illnesses, pollution, and property damage caused by the fracking process. But the science is in. Fracking is proven to cause earthquakes and property damage, groundwater pollution, and illness caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals that leak into drinking water sources and into the air.

Cases have been brought to court in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas on several types of claims. Some are:

  • A “trespass” claim, when a disposal line is constructed to run the fracking liquid under a person’s property, or when noxious fumes are causing air pollution.

  • A claim of “unjust enrichment,” when a company runs a line underneath a person’s property in order to reach a disposal well.

  • Claims of “private and public nuisance,” because fracking operations cause toxic, flammable emissions. For example, “equipment blowdowns” sound like explosions. Compressor stations near residences cause noise, vibration, personal injuries and mental distress.

  • Claims of pollution of the atmosphere, groundwater and soil.

  • Claims of chronic and permanent health problems. A Texas family won $3M in the first case in that state. They proved that their chronic health problems were caused by fracking wells, some of which were within 2 miles of their home. An internist determined that the 20 chemicals found in their blood were causing nosebleeds, vision problems, nausea, rashes and blood pressure issues.

If you believe your health or your property may have been affected by negligent fracking practices, you are entitled to investigate and seek compensation for the harm you have experienced. To go up against the industry, you need the attorneys and experts that Bailey and Oliver Law Firm can bring to your case. We don’t get paid unless our client wins, so our team is strongly motivated to obtain a successful outcome.

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