Nursing Home Tycoon Michael Morton’s Disturbing Political Ties

Investigation into Fort Smith Nursing Home Tycoon Reveals Disturbing Political Influence

nursing home tycoon political influenceA recent investigation by the Arkansas Times has revealed a disturbing trend of political contributions by Michael Morton, a Fort Smith nursing home tycoon with his own interests in mind.

Morton has contributed approximately $27,000 to the offices of several state representatives and state senators. The amount only reflects a small portion of his contributions as it does not include contributions he made offline, through corporate shells, and contributions he may have made to political action committees (PACs) that also gave money to some of the same candidates.

Although making political contributions is common, Morton’s interests are not just politics, but what these politicians can do for his business. The Arkansas Times notes that the attorney general’s office has a Medicaid fraud division. Medicaid is a source of revenue for Morton’s nursing homes, which may be why he made 16 different contributions in his and his nursing home corporate names.

“It’s really terrible – we entrust Michael Morton to take care of our elderly family members, giving him our taxpayer dollars via Medicare and Medicaid, and he in turn makes millions and turns around and uses those profits to set the political agenda in his favor,” said Matthew Hass, CEO of the Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association.

Additionally, Morton is a member of the Arkansas Health Services Permit Commission which oversees permits of approval for nursing homes, assisted living facilities and residential care facilities.

These conflicts of interest and political contributions are just one example of a company putting profits over people.

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